2010 Mitsubishi RVR G 4WD


Price $15,950
Kilometres 39,601 km
Colour White
Transmission Automatic, 4WD
Engine 1800ccL
Listing Source GeorgeMastersMotors
Listing ID 3473


Year 2010
Make Mitsubishi
Model RVR
Seats 5
Transmission Type Automatic, 4WD
Fuel Type Petrol
Listing Source GeorgeMastersMotors
Listing Id 3473

“Love the RVR, biggest comment I would make is because it’s an import, the head unit (not always) may not have English capability. The Mitsubishi RVRs & Outlanders vary between the in built Mitsubishi Communication System and aftermarket head units. In my case it looks to be an aftermarket Clarion that doesn’t seem to support full English, and I haven’t found a way to replace the software (can’t even find that model on an English Clarion website). I’ll look to replace it when I can. Biggest LOVE feature for me is the proximity key and push button start, and the dash is very informative with estimates on how many kms you’ve got left with your remaining fuel. The dash can be changed to English easily, plenty of you tube videos showing how. Also love the giant sunroof.”