2010 Nissan X Trail


Price $12,990
Kilometres 148,578 km
Colour Black
Transmission Auto, 4WD
Engine 2000ccL
Listing Source TaurangaCars
Listing ID 4570


Year 2010
Make Nissan
Model X
Seats 5
Transmission Type Auto, 4WD
Fuel Type Petrol
Listing Source TaurangaCars
Listing Id 4570

“I LOVE it!! I drive 102kms to and from work on a 100km road, so it chews gas no matter what car you drive. I so far have found the X-Trail to be averagely good on gas, given it runs on 95 (apparently you can run it on 91 but haven’t looked into that) it wasn’t as costly as I was expecting, though would still be a shock if you’re going from a much smaller car. And it is soooo comfortable. Driving, the ride is smooth, visibility is stupidly good, when you put your foot down it does take a while to build up speed unless you’re revving the s***t out of it, but I have put this down to being 1- automatic and 2- its a heavy car. I work on big tourism charter and fishing boats for a living so the space and off road capabilities (not extreme off roading, but fishing and river trails) were a huge must, and this vehicle is well fit for purpose for what I need. I had done a fair amount of my own research on the kind of car that would best fit me prior to contacting anyone about looking at a vehicle, so when it came to finding a car I was already decided on the X-Trail. The pre 2014 shape seemed to have the most useable space for what I need to transport both for work and recreationally. Safety feedback I’ve researched and heard from people who have had big accidents in them basically sold the car to me even more, one woman even said her parents had a head on and suffered little injuries considering, and put it down to the car they were in so they went out and bought another one straight away. When you get in it I understood why they walked out. There is sooo much car between you and, well EVERYTHING else. Id liken it to the bonnet size of a new Colorado except you can see where the road is and dont need a booster seat to see over the dash. I just feel really safe in it. Overall: Bloody stoked, and if anything happened to this one -I’d buy another one.”

— Lauren K – 2010 Nissan X-Trail